AMSA Task Books

Marine Training Services is authorised to issue Coxswain, Master <24m, Master Inland Waters, MED 3 and MED 2 AMSA Task Books.

Completion of an AMSA Task Book can reduce the amount of Sea Service required to attain a Certificate of Competency. Task Books are completed on a commercial vessel under the supervision of a Certificate of Competency holder, who's Certificate of Competency is at the same level or higher than the Task Book being coompleted.


Having trouble completing your AMSA Task Book?

Join in with other AMSA Task Book holders to complete tasks and gain sea time on board Marine Training Services’ 17m commercial training vessel Delphinus with inboard engines.

Each Task Book Boat Trip will be tailored to assist participants to undertake tasks they are having difficulty completing on other vessels.

2 qualified instructors will assist in task completion and sign off.

Which AMSA Task Books can Marine Training Services assist you in completing?

Coxswain Grade 1
Coxswain Grade 2
Master <24m
Master <35m
Master Inland Waters

When are Task Book Boat Trips held?

Weekends or as required subject to numbers.

Due to operating costs a minimum of 8 participants will be required for each Trip.

How long are Task Book Boat Trips?

Each trip not less than 7.5 hours, allowing you to gain a day of sea service.

Usually Trips will be held from 9am to 5pm. Start and end times can be varied
depending on the group requirements.

Where do Task Book Boat Trip leave from?

Royal Geelong Yacht Club Marina, Eastern Beach Road, Geelong.

What is the cost?

Each 1 day Boat Trip                     $350 per participant

How to join in?

Contact Marine Training Services on 03 5229 5432, or email us